Examen del Capítulo 2

You should be able to:
  • Spell and recognize vocabulary terms (specifically food items & items you need to set the table)

  • Correctly conjugate the following verbs in the PRESENT-TENSE: pedir, servir, freír, seguir, dormir

  • Correctly conjugate the following verb s in the PRETERITE TENSE: pedir, servir, freír, seguir, dormir

  • Write a 6-line conversation between a waiter and a customer in a restaurant OR a phone conversation making reservations at a restaurant (should be at least 6 lines total so 3 for each character).

  • Answer questions based on the Cultural Readings regarding food in Spanish-speaking countries

  • Write 2-3 questions that a customer at a restaurant would probably ask

  • Read an authentic advertisement for a Hispanic restaurant and answer questions

  • Listen to a conversation that takes place in a restaurant answer questions about it

  • Listen to a telephone conversation in which a customer makes reservations and answer questions about it