Buen viaje- Level II
Chapter I- Un viaje en tren
Web Quest #1
Instrucciones- It’s time to pack your suitcase and head out to Spain ☺! Research and explore the following website and answer the questions below. Answer in Spanish using complete sentences.
Intro: Go to http://www.raileurope.com/european-trains/renfe/index.html
Why would a person travelling in Spain want to use this network of trains? Give at least 3 reasons.
1.) On the main page, what information are you required to give in order to search? Answer in English.

2.)¿Qué quiere decir la palabra (el botón cercanías) “cercanía”? Explain in English.

3.)Click on “Horarios y Precios”. Choose a train from Madrid (origen) to Barcelona
  • What time does the first train from Madrid leave?
  • What time does the last train leave?
  • Choose one and write the duration of a one-way trip in hours and minutes.

4.)Go to the bottom of the page and click on “tarjeta joven”.
  • Between what ages does a person have to be to qualify for a “tarjeta joven”?
  • What percentage is the discount?

5.) Return to the main page and go to the bottom and click on “Renfe Spain Pass”
  • What does the pass enable a person to do?
  • Under what age can children travel for free?
  • Where can a person purchase this type of ticket?

6.)Go back to the main page again. Click on “Soy Irene”
  • What is her title? (English)
  • What does she say that you can do to better communicate with her?
  • Why might something she says sound strange in a language other than Spanish?
  • List five languages that you can select.